Why choosing your luggage for your trip to Amsterdam is not so easy!

Amsterdam has become one of those cities where tourism never stops. And anyone who has ever had the opportunity to visit the city will tell you: “it’s worth it! ». Amsterdam seduces through its architecture, history, attractions, monuments, but also through its culture. How do you get to Amsterdam? Once you’re there, what means of transport should you choose? Should we go alone or in a group? What type of luggage should you choose when you decide to go? We’ll tell you a little more in the next few paragraphs.

Amsterdam canal
Amsterdam canal

Going to Amsterdam: the different options

To get to Amsterdam, you can choose between various means of transport. You can use a plane, train, bus or car.

The plane

The choice of plane seems the most logical. Moreover, Amsterdam airport is connected to most major cities in the world. For other cities in our country it is also possible to reach Amsterdam by direct flights. Nevertheless, you will have to take into account the increase in ticket prices during certain periods (summer, Christmas holidays, etc.).

The train

The train option is cheaper, but is unfortunately only possible when you are in certain cities (such as Paris or Lille). On top of that, in order to take advantage of the affordable price of the train, you have to book in advance. If necessary, this reasonable price can double or triple (when you book at the last moment). From Paris to Amsterdam, the train journey is usually at least 3 hours.

The bus

As far as the choice of bus is concerned, in several European cities, there are companies that run bus routes to Amsterdam. Here, however, the price range is slightly cheaper than that of the train. On the other hand, you have to take into account the fact that the journey time will be longer.

The car

And then there’s the car. Travel time will vary depending on the city you are in. For a city like Lille, it takes only 180 minutes to get to Amsterdam. However, for other cities this time can be several days. Moreover, you have to consider the number of people taking part in the trip: a road trip by car is much more pleasant when there are several of us.

The stay in Amsterdam

Once you are at Amsterdam airport, you can either take the train to the train station, or you can choose a private car service (to go directly to the hotel where the reservation was made).

In order to enjoy the tourist attractions of Amsterdam you will need to use at least two means of transport. These include: bus, metro, boat, bicycle, tram and train.

In Amsterdam, all these means of travel are frequently used by the population. The network of bus lines is very developed in the city. Indeed, it is possible to reach all districts. In addition, at night there are a dozen lines that provide transport from midnight to 6 am. If you want to get to a suburban area quickly enough, the best option is the metro.

One of the undeniable tourist attractions of Amsterdam is the presence of its many canals. It is possible to rent a boat and walk around for hours. Some companies even offer lunch or dinner while the boat is on the water.

In Amsterdam, there are miles of bicycle paths. Not surprisingly: the population uses the bicycle a lot to get around. And it’s hard for tourists to escape this rule. In fact, choosing a bike is rather advantageous when it comes to getting to the neighbouring district, for example. Fortunately, there are many bicycle rental companies.

While the tram is widely used inside the city of Amsterdam (especially in the city centre), the train is more suitable for commuting to the suburbs or to a location outside the city.

Which luggage model should I choose to go to Amsterdam?

To answer this question correctly, you have to take into account the length of the stay. If you are alone and you are only going for 3 or 4 days, there is no need to take a big suitcase: a backpack or a small suitcase is enough. When the stay is going to last at least 7 days, then you have to opt for a suitcase of at least 60 cm. For a longer stay in a group, a large suitcase and several pieces of luggage in hand can be provided. Don’t forget the weight limitation of suitcases as far as airlines are concerned.

Regarding the type of suitcase, it is better to turn to semi-rigid suitcases (because of the solidity they offer). It is also important to take into account price (it is really not worth buying a top-of-the-range rigid suitcase for a 2 or 3-day stay).

Things to remember to take with you

Before going to Amsterdam, it is essential to take the following things with you:

  • A dictionary;
  • One or more credit cards (which will allow you to make cash withdrawals) ;
  • The European Health Insurance Card;
  • Identity papers or photocopies of these papers (when the originals have been lost;
  • A sun cream if you are in the middle of the summer season (to avoid sunburn) ;
  • A camera (to immortalize the visits and the good times) ;
  • And of course, the right clothes according to the meteo in Amsterdam.

To complete the range of equipment, it is advisable to provide sneakers in case ballads have been planned. With these items, you are sure to enjoy your stay and have an unforgettable holiday in the Dutch capital.