Going to Amsterdam from Lyon: all the possibilities

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Amsterdam from Lyon: how to get there?

You wish to go to Amsterdam from Lyon to spend your holidays there and make beautiful discoveries. To travel and save money in order to make the most of a cheap stay, knowing the different means of transport you can use is essential. However, to achieve your goal, you need to choose your professional transport companies carefully. Find out here how to get to Amsterdam from Lyon.

By car

We’re heading for the A6, A31 or A2! But, how many kilometers in how many kilometers? If you love to drive, you won’t be afraid of the 930 kilometers between Lyon and Amsterdam. This route may take you through the whole of France. This route can take up to 8 hours and 30 minutes. However, the route Lyon Amsterdam by car is a good option. You can take advantage of your trip to discover some of the most impressive sights and monuments along the way. Also, if your hotel offers a cheap stay with parking, driving to Amsterdam is a great alternative.

By plane

Going to Amsterdam from Lyon without booking a flight through a comparator will make life more complex in vain. In reality, a flight comparator like Easyvoyage makes your search easier and allows you to ‘make the best choice for a cheap stay.

Easyvoyage presents you different types of trips, depending on what you are looking for: a 5-star hotel, a trip to the sea, a trip to Europe and others.

In addition, it should be noted that Easyvoyage also offers the opportunity to compare prices for car rentals, vacation rentals and others. This comparator also offers you to couple flights and hotels at the best rates.

With an experience of 15 years, Easyvoyage tests approximately 1000 establishments each year and wishes to integrate more customer reviews in order to continuously improve the satisfaction of Internet users. With Lyon Amsterdam easyjey, you can know how to get from Amsterdam airport to the city center.

Amsterdam from Lyon

By bus

By road, you can also opt for a Lyon Amsterdam bus. There are several bus companies that connect with Amsterdam. Most of these companies make every effort to ensure excellent comfort during the journey. You can even enjoy wifi as well as toilets in some buses.

It is also a cheap means of transport. In fact, bus fares are around 70 euros one way from Lyon.

Also, it should be noted that some companies also offer many promotions to make their prices very attractive. But, you have to spend 17 hours of travel.

Look out! Buses from or to Lyon no longer reach Amsterdam itself, but arrive in Duivendrecht (15mn by train).

How do I get to Amsterdam by carpool and to the city centre?

Moreover, with carpooling you have the possibility to make interesting encounters. It must be said that the small price to pay for a carpool trip is around 76 euros.

On the other hand, if all these means of transport do not suit you, then you can go to Lyon Amsterdam by train. However, it takes at least 7 to 9 hours drive from Lyon. To go to Amsterdam by train, the minimum price to pay is 120 euros.

Once arrived at your destination, you can visit the following sites to make your stay more enjoyable :

    • visit the main museums of Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum, Anne Franck house
    • The highest church in Amsterdam with a splendid view of the city;

The highest church in Amsterdam with a splendid view of the city;

  • The He Hua temple, the largest European Buddhist temple located in the Asian quarter (Chinatow);
  • The haven of peace in the heart of Amsterdam built in 1386 and classified by UNESCO ;
  • Amsterdam’s main square or Dam Square;
  • Den Waag, the former centrepiece of Amsterdam’s fortifications.