Biking in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, bikes are king! 490,000 bikes are ridden every day on Amsterdam’s 400km of bike paths.
The network is impressive and allows you to get around Amsterdam by bike. See our article on bike rides in Amsterdam.
Bikes give you a lot of freedom, so you don’t have to depend on trams, the metro, or buses… and you get to avoid traffic jams too!

Bike parking in Amsterdam

Bikes can be parked against the many railing protecting the bridges that cross the canal, or in very large free bicycle parking spaces.
The parking lot at the Central Station has almost 12,000 spaces. Despite this, it is unfortunately often full…

Amsterdam bike
bike in Amsterdam

Amsterdam bike
Amsterdam by bike: caution is mandatory, it goes fast!

Amsterdam bike
Amsterdam bike!


  1. There are also places where it is forbidden to park a bike, and your bike may be taken to the bike pound if parked illegally! (Just in case, the pound’s address is Bornhout 7 Westelijk Havengebied 1046 BE Amsterdam). To collect your bike, you will need to show an ID, the keys to your lock, and pay 10€.
  2. Always lock your bike, because theft is common!

Bike Rentals in Amsterdam

Bike Rentals in Amsterdam

Experience Amsterdam like a local
Grab a bike and make the city your own. By pedal-powered two-wheeler is the way to experience Amsterdam like a real Dutchie
For 24 hrs take your bike everywhere, save on transport costs, and best of all: no waiting for buses
24-hrs bike rental
Theft insurance, Locks, Free map with suggested routes
When you know you're going to be burning some calories, you can order an extra round of bitterballen, fries or whatever Dutch delicacy you're snacking on

Bike Rentals in Amsterdam

You can go on a 3 hours guided tour of Amsterdam’s city center with an English speaking tour guide for only 32€.
During this tour, you will pass by all of the city’s interesting places such as the harbor, the charming Jordan district, Anne Frank’s house, the Rijksmuseum, Vondel Park, “the Skinny Bridge,” Rembrandt’s house and the Red Light District. You will also see an unsuspected side of Amsterdam with its idyllic canals, quiet hidden courtyards, and views perfect for a photo-op.
It’s an unforgettable and culturally interesting experience.

Amsterdam 3-Hour Bike Tour: Backstreets and Hidden Gems

Experience Amsterdam like a local with a grassroots bike tour company, and cycle the streets of the city like a local.

Meet your guide to collect your bikes, and head off to find some of the city’s hidden gems. Start with the popular Jordaan area, riding the safe backstreets to cross over canals. Your guide will take you to courtyards and churches often missed by tourists, telling you the origin and history of each site along the way.

End your tour of the Jordaan area at Anne Frank’s House, and learn about one of Amsterdam’s most famous and heroic former residents. After a relaxing break in a charming café, cycle to the Vondelpark for a ride in Amsterdam’s favorite urban oasis.
Next, go to Museum Square (Museumplein) to learn about the city’s most popular cultural attractions, such as the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Concertgebouw.

Festive Bike Tour of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the perfect city to explore by bike! So, why not enjoy a tour of Amsterdam on our unique Amsterdam Bubbly Bike and enjoy a glass of bubbles on the way?
Ladies, be honest, what better way is there to get your party off to a good start than by hopping on board our Amsterdam Bubbly Bike, and sipping on a cold glass of bubbly? On this 1.5 hour tour, a chauffeur will lead you through the canal laced streets. So, while you pedal along and take in the enchanting beauty of the city from a saddle of your own private Amsterdam Bubbly Bike, as you drink up to 16 bottles of bubbly with your girls.

Along the way, you will also discover some of Amsterdam’s most beautiful sights. The tranquil canals, the tulips and the spectacular, stately houses. The only thing you need to do is leave all your sorrows behind and enjoy the day out with your girls! This tour is a great for laughs, not to mention being a great work out! This makes it a perfect way to celebrate any occasion with the girls. Whether you are in town for a hen weekend, birthday celebrations or simply to discover the city, the Amsterdam Bubbly Bike is ideal for your Amsterdam adventure.
Your Amsterdam Bubbly Bike tour begins in the city center, close by central station. During this 1.5 hour tour, you will have the chance to discover the outskirts of the city centre.

All Bike Rentals in Amsterdam

Bike Rentals in Amsterdam

You can take a 2 hour guided tour of Amsterdam’s city centre with an English speaking guide.

If that’s not your cup of tea, we’ve selected the best bike rental companies in Amsterdam for you.
To rent your bike you have to think about the type of bike you want:

  1. Bikes with manual brakes
  2. Back-pedaling bikes without brakes
  3. Bikes with or without gears
  4. Electric bikes
  5. Tandem Bikes
  6. Bikes with a children’s seat or cart
  7. Bikes with bags or baskets

Bike rental will usually provide you with two locks.

  • Mac Bike
    • Tel : +31 (0)20 620 09 85
    • 6 rental points open from 9am to 5:45pm:
      1. Central Station north, De Ruijterkade 34B
      2. Central station east, Oosterdokskade 151
      3. City hall, Waterlooplein 199
      4. Dam square, Rokin 36
      5. Leidseplein, Weteringschans 2
      6. Vondelpark, Overtoom 45
    • Price :
      • Bike with manual brakes, 3 gears 1 hour: 7,50€ 3hours: 11€ 24hours: 14,7€ (Each additional day: 8€)
      • Foot brakes, no gears 1hour: 5€ 3hours: 7,50€ 24hours: 9,75€ (Each additional day: 6€)
      • Also for rent: electric bikes, bikes with child seats, cargo bikes (front box), children’s bikes, tandem bikes…
  • Bike city
    • Tel : +31 20 626 3721
    • Bloemgracht 68-70, 1015 TL Amsterdam
    • Business hours:
      1. March to December : every day(*) from 9am to 6pm
      2. January and February from Friday to Monday from 9am to 5:30pm.
      3. (*) Attention, closed on April 27th (King’s day), December 25th, and 26th, and January 1st.
    • Prices :
      • Dutch back-pedal bikes: 4hours: 10€ – 24hours: 14€ – 2days: 23€ – 3days: 32€ – 4days: 38€ – 5days: 44€ – Beyond: +7€/day
      • Bike with manual brakes and 3 speeds : 4hours: 13€ – 24hours: 16€ – 2days: 25€ – 3days: 33€ – 4days: 40€ – 5days: 46€, Beyond : +8€/day
      • 7-speed aluminium bike : 2days: 35€ – 3days: 42€ – 4days: 49€ – 5days: 53€ – Beyond : +11€/day
      • Insurance 3€/day
      • Fully equipped bike with waterproof panniers, pump and toolbox, 8 gears, water bottle holder etc. Rental for a week minimum: 172€50 (then 22€50 per day after that)
      • Also available for rent: bikes with child seats, cargo bikes (box at the front), children’s bikes, trailer bikes, tandem bikes, saddlebags, baskets, children’s helmets…
  • Amsterdam bike
    • Tel : +31 6 41176032
    • Korte Prinsengracht 12, 1013 GS Amsterdam
    • Business hours:
      • Open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm
    • Price :
      • Dutch back-pedal bikes 1hour: 5€ 3hours: 6€ 1day from 10am to 6pm – 10€ 24hours: 13€ 2days: 17€ 3days: 24€ 4days: 30,50€ 5days: 37€ 6days: 45€ Beyond: +5€ /d
      • insurance €3/day.
      • No bikes with brakes, but comfortable bikes. Give them a try before you ride!

Public bikes :

Although the first experiment of self-service bicycles (such as Vélov, Vélib…) in Europe was conducted in Amsterdam by the protest and libertarian group “Provo” in the 60s, this system remains marginal in Amsterdam and reserved for the locals.

Bicycle loans at “P+R” car parks