Where to buy genever in Amsterdam?

Genever Stokerij Oud Amsterdam

Address de la boutique H. P. de Vreng en Zonen, Nieuwendijk 75, 1012 MC Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
jenever or genever
Amsterdam Juniper Liqueur

Angel’s word: I love jenever because it’s fruity and strong, and then drinking it with my hands behind my back at the counter of a trendy brown coffee shop in Amsterdam, it does the trick!

Juniper or Genever is a liqueur made in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of northern France (under the name Genever) and northwestern Germany (Ostfriesischer) Korngenever.Originally the recipe was based solely on single grape malt with additional extracts of juniper. Then the recipe improved!
Other places to taste jenever – genever in Amsterdam :

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