Visit the Concertgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam

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Visit the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to go see an opera, concert, or a play.

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Why is the Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam one of the most attended concert halls in the world?

The Concertgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam is considered one of the best in the world for the acoustic rendering of symphonic music.

This is a prestigious, mythical venue. Whether you are a music lover or not, you’ll be wowed by this place’s acoustics! Don’t come to Amsterdam without discovering the magic of a classical music concert. You’ll get the chance to go to unforgettable concerts with world renowned virtuosos.

Concerts are packed with a very cosmopolitan audience, so, if you decide to spontaneously go to a concert, you might have to face some frustration.

Book a Guided Tour of the Concertgebouw

Tickets for the Concertgebouw backstage tour

A 1 hour and 15 min backstage tour of the Concertgebouw with an exciting guide. Visits are on Wednesdays (1:30 pm), Fridays (5 pm), and Sundays (12:30 pm).

Our advice: Enjoy a Sunday morning concert with internationally renowned musicians from the Netherlands and around the world, along with a guided tour.

Sunday mornings are definitely a good idea if you want to attend a concert and visit the famous building.

Suitable for those who want to attend a concert at a discounted rate and get a behind the scenes tour of the building.
Discover the hall’s exceptional acoustics and superb interior dating back to the nineteenth century. Go to a Sunday morning concert at 11:00 am, get great seats, and after the concert, take a guided tour of the Concertgebouw from 12:30 to 13:40. Price € 29

book Concertgebouw Amsterdam
book Concertgebouw Amsterdam