Why an Amsterdam Pass?


Amsterdam is a city that can be toured on foot if you don’t have a pass. You can pay for entrance to museums on the spot. But, if by the second day you start to get tired of walking around the city to get back to your hotel and you get tired of spending hours waiting in line to get into a museum, my advice is that, if you know what kinds of things you’d like to do during your weekend in Amsterdam, you’d better choose the right pass.


For once you’re right, Oriane, getting a pass is better, but you still need to know what you want to do during your stay in Amsterdam. It is also really difficult to analyze the different passes available such as the Holland Pass, the I Amsterdam City Card, the Amsterdam City Pass, the Pass Transport, and to understand their differences. I think you need to do a bit of research before you travel to Amsterdam, because some museums may be full already if you don’t book in advance. As soon as you have an idea of what you want to do: get the right pass and go ahead and book your visits.

Why buy the Amsterdam City Pass?

The Amsterdam City Pass is aimed for tourists who fly to Amsterdam (includes transfers to and from the Schiphol Airport) or who drive to Amsterdam (includes a parking space) and who want to visit at least 1 museum (e.g. the Van Gogh and/or the Rijksmuseum).

Amsterdam City Pass Terms and Conditions

The Amsterdam City Pass allows you to skip the lines at the 1 or 2 museums you have chosen to visit, to have the peace of mind knowing that the pass includes a transfer (such as a transfer to the airport) or a parking space as well as a 1 hour cruise on the Amsterdam canals. You can also combine it with a public transportation pass, see above.

  • Amsterdam City Pass (includes admission to 1 museum): €42.50
  • Amsterdam City Pass (includes admission to 2 museums): €63.50

Why buy the Holland Pass?

The Holland Pass is valid throughout Holland for 1 month and offers access to the museums and attractions included in the pass (though the number of museums and attractions you can visit is limited) as well as discounts on activities.

Holland Pass terms and conditions:

As you can see, the Holland Pass gives you a number of points that you can spend on visits to museums and different attractions in Amsterdam or in other cities in Holland for one month. Passes range from the Small Holland Pass (40€) which offers 2 admissions to places like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum, the Medium Holland Pass (55€) which offers 4 admissions, and the Large Holland Pass (75€) which offers 6 admissions. Each pass is nominative, and does not include public transportation, parking, or transfers by train from the Schiphol Airport.

Why buy a transportation pass?

Getting around in Amsterdam means taking the ferry, the tram, the metro, and the bus. Each trip costs 2€90. The GVB unlimited travel pass starts at 7€50, and you break even with your third trip, so it’s an excellent solution to avoid stress and helps you get around without stopping to ask for directions everywhere in the city.

Transportation Pass Terms and Conditions

The transportation pass is unlimited, it allows you to use all means of public transportation within Amsterdam and the pass’ price is degressive:

  • 1 day: €7.50
  • 2 days: €12.50
  • 3 days: €17.50
  • 4 days: €22.50
  • 5 days: €27.50
  • 6 days: €31.50
  • 7 days: €34.50

This pass is a great way to feel even more free in Amsterdam and to save money.

Why buy the Amsterdam City Card?

A valid I Amsterdam City Card is a pass that combines sightseeing with public transportation.

I Amsterdam City Card Terms and Conditions

The I Amsterdam City Card is available for different lengths of time:

  • I Amsterdam City Card: 24 hours for €59.
  • I Amsterdam City Card: 48 hours for €74.
  • I Amsterdam City Card: 72 hours for €87.
  • I Amsterdam City Card: 96 hours for €98.

With this pass, you get free access to public transportation and free admission to one of Amsterdam’s 44 museums, including the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum, as well as discounts on other museums and attractions, and at restaurants. You also get a free 1 hour canal cruise on the Amsterdam canals. This pass does not include airport transfers, parking spaces, and does not allow you to avoid waiting in line except for at the Van Gogh museums where you can reserve a time slot in advance.

You can also buy museum tickets on our dedicated page!

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