Tulip Museum d’Amsterdam

Tulips and bulbs

Address of the shop Tulip Museum Prinsengracht 116 Amsterdam

The tulips of Amsterdam
Example of a tulip-based decorative gift

The Tulip Museum is a Jordaan store which presents many decorative objects related to the tulip, and especially an impressive number of varieties of bulbs more or less rare.
Compared to the Bloemenmarkt floating flower market the prices are a little more expensive but you can find rare bulbs and decorative objects around the flowers for your gifts.

The advisers are happy to explain how to plant and care for your tulips when it is not too crowded, otherwise they are quickly overwhelmed.

Please note that in the off-season tulip bulbs are sold elsewhere but not in the Tulip Museum.

If you are really a passionate person, you can also, for 6EUR, visit in the basement a museum of this emblematic flower where you will learn all the history of this mythical flower: the Tulip.

Tulip bulbs from Amsterdam
Tulip bulbs from Amsterdam