The Van Dobben restaurant as seen by Oriane

Funny vision coming in! A white bar, tiled walls with small white tiles, waitresses in white coats…

It’s like being in a laboratory… That’s right: a laboratory that experiments on the taste buds!

culinary specialties Van Dobben
Culinary specialties of the restaurant Van Dobben in Amsterdam

It’s a perfect place for quality fast food at a reasonable price. We both opted for split pea soup with bacon, then a traditional sandwich.

I hear you have to try the croquettes there too. But we weren’t hungry anymore… Next time!

The Van Dobben restaurant as seen by Angel

The restaurant Van Dobben is very original because the decoration has little in common with a restaurant.

culinary specialties du Van Dobben
Prices of culinary specialties from the Van Dobben restaurant in Amsterdam

The walls are tiled in white and even the waitresses are in white coats, at first I thought I was donating blood.

In fact it’s like in the desert or when you discover a plant, your eyes sparkle. This is the good-natured atmosphere created spontaneously and continuously by the waitresses and the Dutch specialties like :
– the delicious and nutritious split pea and bacon soup…
– sandwiches with brioche bread buttered with thin slices of ham and liver
– the famous croquettes

Van Dobben restaurant Amsterdam
The dynamic bosses of the Van Dobben Restaurant in Amsterdam

The restaurant is not very comfortable with its small tables and counter stools, but the communicating joy of the owners and the cheap traditional culinary specialities will make you have a very pleasant time. The funny thing is that to go to the toilet you go behind the counter with the waitresses, so while you’re at it, remember to bring your plate!