How can you save on your entire stay in Amsterdam?

L'avis d'Oriane

Among the most beautiful cities in the world, Amsterdam holds a good place. No need to remind you of its assets and the advantages of a stay in this great European city! It’s an open secret, Amsterdam is a real destination for holidays, a weekend or for a few days. But, as with all big cities, a stay can be expensive. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam and are concerned about how much you’re going to spend, here are a dozen or so tips on how to spend your time in Amsterdam without spending a lot of money.

What to do in Amsterdam
What to do in Amsterdam

Before you go

Preparing for your trip to Amsterdam may not be as tedious, but if you’re not going to spend a lot of money, it’s important for you to make certain arrangements. There are 3 important things to worry about: how do you go? When to leave? What to do on the spot?

Choose the right moment

Your choice should be based on the length of your stay. Depending on whether you want to travel to Amsterdam for a weekend, a few weeks or a month, the best time to spend less money will vary. Indeed, if you just want to spend a few days in Amsterdam, it is best to go during the week. The fact is that the city receives an impressive number of visitors between Friday and Sunday. As a result, the rates charged for the various services are a little higher than usual. Hotels are more expensive, restaurants are more expensive, items are more expensive. Considering your budget, you will have to avoid travelling on weekends to save money. Amsterdam is attractive every day of the week. Visiting it at any time will satisfy you! So don’t worry about your enjoyment, no matter what day of the week you start your stay.

If instead you have in mind a stay around the month, it would be better to go there outside of school holidays. The reason is the same: the rush and therefore the overbidding. For example, you could spend your stay in winter or autumn. It is true that the climate during these seasons is grey and rainy. However, this does not prevent the city from radiating and retaining its attractiveness. On the contrary, far from the months from May to October, Amsterdam is less crowded with tourists, allowing you to admire the city’s attractions. You don’t even spend much. That’s the best thing about it.

The first cheap option is the Thalys. With Thalys, tickets are very affordable and the journey is more convenient. Don’t worry about your comfort. The other advantage is that the journey is from city centre to city centre. For 29 euros, it is already possible to travel by Thalys. But beware! To take advantage of this advantage, you have to book well in advance.

If you prefer to travel by plane, you can make your journey by plane for as little as 120 euros return. The rotation platform that will benefit you most in this respect is KLM. Starting from Schiphol Airport, which is one of the biggest in Europe, you can take advantage of its services and book your cheap flight.

The last option that will save you a lot of money is the “low-cost” coach services. These offer trips to Amsterdam from Lille and Paris Bercy at very low fares. Behave yourself, for 19 euros, you can get to Amsterdam from Lille for a one-way ticket. If you leave from Bercy, you will only have to pay 29 euros. These prices are valid until the last minute of departure. Better, with these buses, night trips are possible.

Low-cost housing

Considering the status of the city, staying in Amsterdam shouldn’t be a fighter’s errand; but nesting at a lower cost if. Indeed, most hotels are luxury hotels shot down with stars. Everything is prepared to make you feel like leaving and to make you discover the wonders of Amsterdam to the point of making your stay unforgettable. All this requires a minimum investment. It is therefore difficult to find a gite that meets a number of requirements, but which is not expensive. If you want to stay in a setting with a minimum of luxury but without spending a lot of money, the best plan for you is a luxury hotel at a bargain price. These are hotels like any other luxury hotel, but offer discounts of up to 70%. Most of these offers are listed on luxury private sales sites.

The other option available to you is youth hostels. Available in Amsterdam in large numbers, they often have the advantage of being located right in the city centre. The difficulty is that they are limited to large dormitories and you have to book in advance.

You can also choose to rent them privately if you plan to spend several days in the city.

What to buy in Amsterdam?

A good stay is also the purchase of souvenirs. Amsterdam gives you the choice between artistic products, decorative products or food. For example, you can bring back a pair of wooden clogs or good cheese from your stay, and the list goes on. The advantage is that you will find these products at relatively low prices. So you don’t risk ruining yourself.

he sites of good deals, a godsend!

There are a multitude of websites that present offers at discounted prices for a trip to Amsterdam. This is one of the advantages of choosing this great European city as your destination. Thus, there is no need to make long queues to buy a product, a travel ticket like an entry to the Rijksmuseum, one of the most famous museums in the world, or anything else in the hope of a discount. With the sites of good deals, spend your stay with peace of mind and with the assurance of saving as much as a traveller who was embarrassed on the spot. Moreover, the multitude of these sites allows you to evaluate the offers, not to limit yourself to a single proposal, but rather to compare them in order to choose one that proves to be more advantageous than the others. With 2 or 3 clicks, finish making a purchase while being sure you haven’t spent a lot. If you want to discover these opportunities, visit this best deals site and discover validated promo codes that are the best coupons and vouchers of the moment.