Why do we advise you to visit Rembrandt Square?

The Rembrandt square or Rembrandtplein is very lively, in the evening many young people come to the restaurants and coffee shops around the square.
In the centre you will find an original work of art consisting of the statue of Rembrandt overlooking soldiers, a reproduction imagined from a famous painting by Rembrandt.

Rembrandt Square or Rembrandtplein
Rembrandt Square or Rembrandtplein

Built in 1668 the Rembrandt square was dedicated to a butter market (Botermarkt). On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt’s birth, bronze statues representing the figures in Rembrandt’s painting “The Night Round” were added to the Rembrandtplein.

On a facade overlooking the square you will see the Booking sign. Booking was founded by computer scientist Geert-Jan Bruinsma in Amsterdam in 1996, today the company employs almost 10,000 people in 50 countries.

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Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam
The status of Rembrandt Square or Rembrandtplein

On the square you’ll have fumes of flowering herbs, if you know what I mean, you can also attend animations like the one in the mini video: an electro street-dj who has a great time on the square and makes everyone enjoy his sound, headphones screwed on the ears.

Behind him is a coffee shop with a gigantic green illuminated sign.