Why a visit to the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam is a must.

The grey-green building of the NEMO, designed by the architect of the Pompidou Centre, Renzo Piano, looks like the bow of a liner ready to launch. Its sloping deck forms a terrace with terraces that offers a panoramic view of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Nemo Museum
The Nemo Museum in Amsterdam

You can get there without a ticket to admire the city while sipping a glass of homemade lemonade or enjoying a sandwich in the glass lounge of the DAK Restaurant. Above all, you will enjoy the Energetica sculptures and installations, to experiment the capture of renewable energies on the wind island, thanks to the waterfall or on the solar island…

The inside of this imposing building is above all a science and technology museum where children can come and answer many questions through experimentation. Subjects as varied as energy transformation, genetics, telecommunications, medicine… are treated in a playful way, based on concrete questions whose answers are provided by participatory demonstrations.

Only for young people?

Intended for a public from 3 to 16 years old, this museum makes us rediscover our children’s eyes while dismantling certain adult certainties!
(Example of certainty on our arrival: “NEMO is a museum on the sea, essentially focused on submarines. “… Dismantled as soon as we enter!)

Amsterdam Nemo Museum
The Nemo Museum in Amsterdam

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10H to 17H30
Children under 4 years old: free
More than 4 years : 16.50 EUR
Students (with card) : 8.25 EUR
Free with the card « I Amsterdam city card »