Delftware pottery in Amsterdam

Galleria D’Arte Rinascimento Genuine Delft Porcelain

Shop address Galleria D’Arte Rinascimento Prisengracht, 170 Amsterdam

Delft earthenware lamp
Example of Delft porcelain lamp

Beware, all kinds of porcelain and earthenware are sold in Amsterdam… Not all of them are the same… In souvenir shops, you can find mainly ceramics made in Taiwan… « königliche Blau Delft » !

The real Delftware pottery, can be found in specialist shops or antique dealers…

Authentic old and recent royal Delftware pottery: Christmas decorations, vases, dishes, brooches, wall earthenware… If your budget is not too short, you should find what you are looking for…

achat assiette faïence Delft
plate delftware amsterdam