The Van Gogh Museum as seen by Oriane

Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
A visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Equipped with tickets bought on internet expired since the day before (error during our reservation), we were surprised to be able to return! The person in charge of checking the tickets made us change them for free. Phew!

Good plan to buy your ticket for the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

We advise you to buy tickets for the Van Gogh Museum in advance, they are delivered by email within 24 hours.
Normally, you have to select a time slot and date for your visit to the Van Gogh Museum. With these “direct entrance” tickets to the Van Gogh Museum, you can decide when you want to visit the museum (just be careful: this ticket is not valid for the day of the order).

Continuation of the visit of the Van Gogh Museum

Then, a new surprise: the locker room is free! We had also taken audioguides, in my opinion, essential to appreciate such works.

Thanks to these well-made audioguides, I was able to appreciate the work of a painter whose work was not as good as mine. I practically only knew his self-portraits. His work is so much richer!

The explanation of his life and his intentions with his painting (choice of colors to show emotions for example) allowed me to understand his work and to appreciate particularly some of his paintings. Landscapes, flowers, boats, scenes of daily life of peasants… A very great sensitivity emerges from this work!

Take advantage of your stay in Amsterdam to discover or rediscover this great painter!

The Van Gogh Museum as seen by Angel

Van Gogh history
Discovery of the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is beautiful.

I really advise you to take the audio guides which allow you to discover the true story of the artist Van Gogh in a playful way.

You will learn about his career as the son of a pastor, then pastor himself, then art dealer, then painter of the Dutch peasants with a style merging the harshness of their conditions and their faces or hands in dark, dirty colors and very thick facial features.

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum – the visit.

You will know that the style that made his success was not spontaneous but worked relentlessly on repeated self-portraits due to a lack of means to afford models.

You will see his correspondence in French with his brother Theo, you will understand the role of Gaugain, the influence of the impressionists, the history of their dispute and the self-mutilation of the ear.

You will learn about his frantic race out of the psychiatric hospital in Arles towards his ideal of style, like a butterfly around a lamp.

You will see some of his paintings that he painted every day, yes every day a different painting you have read, with one of the most famous one of the almond tree, painted on the occasion of the birth of his nephew, Theo’s son, whom he called Vincent by the way.

You will see his last painting before he committed suicide, a painting where the roots and the foliage are so mixed that the museum has for a while exhibited this painting upside down.

Van Gogh's painting
Van Gogh’s Selfie
Van Gogh
Self-Portrait of Van Gogh
Van Gogh painting
Van Gogh’s painting
Van Gogh's painting
Van Gogh’s painting