Oriane and Angel help you discover Amsterdam Noord with a superb report full of photos and advice on this northern district. Info about the ferry, NDSM. Amsterdam-Noord won our heart because it’s stress-free if we compare it to the main city. You can explore NDSM Werf on a bicycle, cycle around Nieuwendammerdijk, go on Top of A’dam Tower and Try the Extreme Swing, chill at De Ceuvel Café and eat a Vegan Meal, shop at the IJhallen (only open in summers and once a month), spend your evening in Pllek by the IJ, go look at the Crane Hotel, or look at alternative housing – recycled containers and tram, go check out windmill d’Admiraal, end your day in clinkNoord – ZincBar.

Why book museums in advance in Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is a city that is becoming more and more touristic: millions of tourists from all over the world flock to Amsterdam every year. It is not uncommon not to be able to visit a museum such as the Van Gogh or the Rijksmuseum due to lack of space.